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You see him in your nightmares, you see him in your dreams

He'll appear out of nowhere but he ain't what he seems

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Name:Seth ⚬ ѕαу нєℓℓσ тσ gσσ∂вує

Never Make A Deal.

Interests (102):

80's metal, acedia, acting stoopid, alcohol, amon, anarchy, angels, antibeelzebub, aramaic, ascending, avaritia, beer, belief, betrayal, breakfast at midnight, chaos, cigarettes, contempt, crackerman, culture, deceit, demons, destruction, disease, doing-right-the wrong-way, doing-stupid-shit-then-forgetting-about-it, drunken rambling, earth, faith, fetishes, filth, fire, flypaper, food, fuck this shit, fucked, fucked out of fate, fuckin swearin mothafuckas, gluttony, god, grotesque, gullia, hate, havoc, heaven, hebrew, hell, holyshitwtf, humans, inevitability, invidia, ira, irony, judas priest, kiss my leather, ladies in red, language, latin, leather, life, liquor, lots of food, loud and terrible music, love, lucifer, lust, luxuria, mah maggots, mindless screaming, miracles, more food, motley fucking crue, not the apocalypse, occasionally doing good, passion, punishment, punk, rock and fuckin roll, roll with it bitches, sex, shootin up yer hood, sin, sneering like billy idol, stuff, stupidity, superbia, swearing too much, talkin like a yankee, the 9th circle, the end, the mourning star, the seven sins, too much eyeliner, treachery, treason, uncertainty, vanity, violence, vodka, wtf just happened?!, yahweh, your roof on fire
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